How to use accessories

  • Light emitting duration hours:

    More than 8 hours with a full charge (In accordance with decreasing charge, the emitting light becomes gradually weak.)

  • Charging hours:

    Full charge requires approx. 8 hours.

  • Life:

    The battery’s life is equal to several hundred recharges, but varies by usage.

  • Battery for charging accessory’s battery:

    An additional battery for charging the accessory is built in the charge box. (House outlet is not required.)
    More than several hundred charges are possible.
    Required replacement battery “CR2032”for the charge box is available at retail outlets.

  • Rhodium coating:

    Silver 925 and other metal surfaces are all coated with Rhodium that retains hard brilliance. We use Rhodium to minimize allergic reaction.

    Rhodium coating is not applied to the decorated parts in classical design, except for the “Kasumi” brooch.

  • Other precautions:

    Clean the surface of the accessory with a dry soft cloth.
    Do not use any cleaning agent.
    Keep the accessory, charge box and battery for recharge separate from cleaning agents and water.

    The accessory is not affected by radio waves such as mobile phones.For further information or enquires, please refer to “Contact” on this web site.