EL-Sound’s policy

“Pursuit of true and pure audio”

In the current era of digital recording media like CDs, semiconductor memory, etc., a lot of audio equipment performance is sub-standard. Looking back in the 1970s, the sound of individuality was brilliant. AY-denshi pursues individuality sound through our hand-made audio equipment for reasonable prices by avoiding waste, however we use superior high quality parts to accomplish our target of true and pure audio.

1) Exclusion of conventional pre-amplifier

For disc record sound playback, pre-amplifiers were required to compensate the less amplitude of equalizing amplifiers, but for digital recordings, conventional pre-amplifiers are no longer necessary, as digital players have sufficient output levels.

Therefore, we have concentrated on passive-type pre-amplifiers having superb quality input switches and volume controllers.

2) Less power output amplifier is best

What power output level is required for driving enough high quality speakers like Tannoy or Altec?
The answer is only 5W or less. Remember once a famous vacuum tube power amplifier “2A3 single” outputted only 1W.
For discrete amplifiers, the lower power source voltage, the better the sound quality.