Divided Power source Amplifiers EPM Series

Monaural amplifier of 10W for driving woofers “EPM-10V” and “EPM-10S”

Features: There was the thought that only high-powered amplifiers with 100 W or more can drive a heavy woofer, … Continue reading

Power Amplifier “EPMW-30”

(Maximum power output: 30 W + 30 W) EL-Sound’s flagship amplifier The BTL system used for the EPW-25 offers su … Continue reading

Power Amplifier “EPM-10W”

Features: Our current woofer driving monaural amplifiers “EPW-10”(10W) have a reputation among users for quali … Continue reading

Equalizer Amplifier for MC and MM “EMC-2”

Notes: MC: Moving Coil cartridge, MM: Moving Magnet cartridge Features: Our highly regarded equalizer amplifie … Continue reading

Equalizer Amplifier for MM Cartridge

“EMM-1” Features: The aluminum case is the same high quality as offered with our power amplifier the “EPWS-5”, … Continue reading