High-end volume controllers

High-end volume controllers

Our passive type pre-amplifiers are highly regarded among our customers, in which built-in volume controllers … Continue reading

Passive Type Channel Divider

Features: Left and right channels are independent. Attenuation characteristics: 6 dB/octave and superb phase c … Continue reading

EDAC-2 USB S/PDIF corresponding to 24 bit 192 kHz

Optional exclusive data USB cables can be used, eliminating the influence of poor PC power source. Unlike most … Continue reading

D/D Converter “DDC-192 ALL”

D/D Converter “DDC-192 ALL”

Our new type of converter is in response to our customer’s demands for the “EDD-192” corresponding to 24 bit 1 … Continue reading

D/D Converter “EDD-192”

Specifications: Operation: asynchronous mode Corresponds to 24 bit 192 kHz (Win XP, VISTA, Win 7 32 bit versio … Continue reading

D/D Converter “EDD-96iPad”

D/D Converter “EDD-96iPad”

The converter digitally outputs high-resolution sound supplied from an iPad. Consuming current of approx. 90 m … Continue reading

D/D Converter “EDD-96”

Specifications: Corresponds to 24 bit 96 kHz (no driver is required.) (Win XP, VISTA, Win 7, Win 2000, Mac) In … Continue reading

By-wire Type USB Cables

Noiseless USB cables due to PC side connector separating signals from the power source OFC wires, having super … Continue reading

Data USB Cables

Two sets of OFC single shielded parallel cables “EDAC-1 USB” are connected via USB, which bus power source is … Continue reading

“EDAC-1” D/A Converter

"EDAC-1" D/A Converter

Features/Specifications: Analogue toroidal transformers, equipped with discrete circuits Sixteen units of scho … Continue reading

Data USB Cables for General Purposes

Featuring new sampling frequency of 192 kHz (USB full specifications) by adding S/PDIF (optical, coaxial). The … Continue reading

Remote Control Speaker Selector AYRS-4

AYRS-4 Four separate pairs of speakers can be controlled using a remote. No sound quality degradation due to u … Continue reading